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Are you in the search of the best mice control expert in Hobart? The right place for you is here. Sam’s Pest Control is an industry leader in the field of pest control and mice removal services in Hobart, TAS and other parts of Australia. We have our technicians serving in Hobart and other areas. They are well trained, experienced and insured. You can easily trust our name in mice control. Our Mice Control Hobart professionals will help you with every problem you have with the mice around you.

We are specialists in all commercial and domestic pest control requirements of our customers. We can assist you with every type of pest issue along with mice. We were committed to making your home a clear area of mice and other pests. If you require getting in touch with us, give us a call and our cordial staff will take your details to assist you.

Mice Control Hobart

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Do You Know A Professional Treatment Is A Must To Deal With Mice Infestation?

Imagine some tiny creepy mice poking around in your kitchen pantry area eating your food and rushing around on your counters, the same flat surface where you work in the kitchen. They have the habit of leaving their terrible droppings everywhere and creating holes and gaps in walls and under your sink. If you are planning to control the mice problem on your own then it may take you weeks or months to eliminate this problem, even only to find that it will happen again. Professionals can help you in dealing with this problem fast and the result will stop mice for some months or years. Here are some solid reasons for hiring the professionals for your help in mice infestation eradication:

1) Mice outspread diseases:

There are more than 35 diseases that mice can spread. Humans become infected with these by contact with the urine, saliva and feces of the mice. Rodents can also spread diseases indirectly through fleas, mites or ticks.

2) They produce again very fast:

Mice multiply year round and the problem can go from a bad dream to a nightmare if you ignore this issue. 

3) The experts know mice:

The professionals will have all the required knowledge on the social, mating and eating habits of mice. They understand their movement pattern inside your home, and can easily discover where they are living.

4) Experts are skilled:

Mouse control professionals are trained with the most useful methods of mice infestation removal.

We Are Masters In Managing All Types Of Mice In Hobart, TAS

  • Little Native Mouse Control 

It is one of the most miniature native Australian mice. These get the breeding stage of their life in the months of winter, July and August. They love to live in the areas where the sandy soil is well drained and they can munch on the seeds of native grasses. If you find that mice have entered your commercial, home and any other established area, then consult our professionals without hesitation.

  • Ash-Gray Mice Control

Ash grey mouse is a nocturnal rodent with a cute appearance. They are very submissive and gentle when handled. They reside in deep burrow complexes or nests arranged in leaf detritus or the hollow of the logs. They mainly eat green plant material and seeds. The young one can grow full size over summer and autumn. They can also breed in their first year.

  • Smoky Mouse Control

The smoky mouse is not considered a pest. You do not need to be scared of the smoky mice around you if you find any. Its living places involve the heathland and heath habitats. It can also live in woodland or forest areas. These need a stable environment for living.

  • House Mouse Control

The various methods to control house mice are traps, rodenticides, repellents and prevention. Mouse traps are a useful method of house mouse control. The three types of mouse traps frequently used are snap traps, glue traps and electronic traps. The mechanical traps offer a quick solution to house mice control and can be utilized many times.

We Present Effective Management For All Your Mice Problems

We understand that getting rid of mice in your home or at your workplace is not an easy task to do. These creatures can be very dangerous for pets, small children, food packets, wires and clothes. If you find any proof of their existence then the best thing is to contact our Mice Control Hobart team immediately. We will examine the seriousness of the issue and will help you in suitable ways.

  • Area Inspection

We are perfect in inspecting the affected area. We will find out the root cause of the problem. Our professionals are not only trained to tackle the current infestations of the mouse but will also stop future infestations.

  • Traps And Baits

Call us for the use of various types of bait and traps to catch mice. We have been using traps and bait to get the mice eliminated.

  • Chemical Treatment

Our team for Mice pest control Hobart does not use any harsh chemicals in the removal of mice from your residential or commercial area. We use safe chemicals to kill mice.

  • Hideouts Treatment

Our hideout treatment involves the sealing and filling of gaps and holes in walls and roofs to keep the mice away from your place. We are experts in looking out for the hidden places of mice.

  • Dead Mice Removal

We also remove dead mice after the treatment. Separately, you can also call us for dead mice removal.

We Are Widely Accessible With Our Mice Extermination Services In Hobart: Call Sam Pest Control Now

We have been resolving mice and other pest issues for years. Our team for Mice Control Hobart has also created plans for the minimization of the mice infestation over properties without destroying anything important. We are available in all of your nearby locations for the mice and rat control service that you require. We are serving all across Hobart.

Why Hire Our Team For Mice Control Service In Hobart

  • Adaptable tailored plans

 We are capable of implementing an effective pest treatment to make sure that your problem receives complete attention. 

  • State authorized technicians

Our Mice Control Hobart professionals are licensed and certified by the state. All our methods and techniques are safe and observed with Australian standards. We utilize modern products to keep your pets and family safe.

  • Affordable Solutions

We provide affordable solutions in Hobart and suburbs that are designed to have the least influence on your family and pets.

  • Courteous and professional

We will be committed to treating your property like our own. We keep our appointments and deliver our best service every time we come to your home or workplace. We feel proud of ourselves for being professional.

  • Assured results

We are preferred by our clients for our integrity, results and guarantee. We are prominent for our values.


Q.1 Are Mice And Rats The Same?

There is a lot of confusion in this question. Many think that these two are the same names of a creature. Whereas rats and mice are different pests.

Q.2 How Are Mice Dangerous? 

Mice spread many diseases to humans. They can pollute the food items and other surfaces of your home with their feces and urine. Your family members and pets can be at high risk of contracting the disease. Some of the infections carried by mice such as hantavirus can also cause death in many cases.

Q.3 How Can I Eradicate Mice?

The general method recommended for the elimination of mice is trapping. If you choose to bait then mice can swallow it and die in a hard-to-reach place. This place can be inside a wall beside your cupboard. If these baits and traps do not work for you, you can hire professionals to help you.  

Q.4 What type of risk do mice and other pests pose to my family and property?

Mice and other pests can pose different threats to your family or home. Pathogens like E.coli and salmonella are transferred to food by rodents and cockroaches. They can also intimidate your home’s structural integrity.

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