This is the most frequently asked question. However, we suggest you leave your house at least for 2 hours. Once the pest control treatment is completed, you can re-enter your house after 2 hours. If you want to enter the house immediately after the treatment, then our experts advise you to open all the windows at your home. Critically if it’s not urgent, avoid entering the house at least one hour after the pest treatment.

Our pest control Hobart team tells you to reschedule your complaint during a rainy day. However, during a rainy day pest treatment is not effective. Moreover, wind can remove the insecticide from your residence. Moreover, removing insecticides will be harmful to the surrounding homes.

You should clean your house before the pest treatment. We will even recommend not mopping or cleaning the house till 1 day after the pest treatment. Moreover, there is no need to clean the benchtop. As our pest treatment team just aims at spraying the floor of the house for most pests.